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Discussion in 'Screwfix Trade Counters' started by Sam Knox, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. Sam Knox

    Sam Knox New Member

    Why is it that when I try to purchase a large tool on your website for either home delivery or collection in store, they're never available here in Northern Ireland?
    You have plenty of stores here in Northern Ireland, so why is there an apparent stock problem?
    This is very frustrating.
    I've tried to buy a table saw, which I finally succeeded with. However I've had considerably less success when trying to buy a thicknesser, a planer, a pillar drill and an oscillating spindle sander. All of these items are completely unavailable for both home delivery and in store collection in Northern Ireland.
    Seriously guys, what's the point of even having stores in Northern Ireland if us poor Paddies can't buy anything?
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